#16588 Bright and Ultra-Clear Polished Quartz Pillar
Bright and Ultra-Clear Polished Quartz Pillar
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This is a stunning and ultra-clear quartz crystal, 12.3 oz, 4.7” by 1.7” by 1.5” from Brazil and deftly polished along his natural lines with a nice, flat base so that he stands proudly. Now, while I do prefer natural ones, sometimes polishing restores the energy transmission to a damaged crystal, enabling it to serve once again – as it does with this Spirit. Now, as you turn him in the light, he has little sparkles, like little birds in a sunny sky! He is truly exceptional and will bring his Keeper much joy!

This sweet Spirit can be used for scrying (and he is WONDERFUL at that!) or with crystal grids as an activating crystal. He gently encourages the energy to flow, allowing you important contact. You can change the energies within the grid simply by rotating the dominant face in the direction you want to receive. Awesome!

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Bright and Ultra-Clear Polished Quartz Pillar

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