#16637 Charming Dark Green Chlorite-Included Tabby DT Quartz Inner Voice
Charming Dark Green Chlorite-Included Tabby DT Quartz Inner Voice
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This sweet 1.7 oz DT Spirit is from Pakistan and comes from an area well known for its faden quartz. She measures 2.3” by 1.4” by 0.7” and her dark green chlorite runs right through her center, obscuring her faden line. She is a single large tabby with a bevy of little students forming her lower termination. There is one small area of chlorite erosion, but otherwise, her clarity will be surprising! She fits wonderfully in the hand, perfect for personal meditation.

Of all the faden or chlorite quartz, this is the most unusual and the most energetic! Usually, the chlorite quartz has a protector role, yet I don’t feel it strongly with this Spirit. She immediately opens the throat and heart Chakras very strongly and what you feel is that finally, your heart has a “voice”. Too often, we KNOW in our heart what we must do, yet our head talks us out of it – it isn’t logical or we get concerned that others won’t like us or will judge what we do or say. So, we “stuff” it. Too much stuffing and all this frustration builds and begins to manifest as physical disease. This Spirit opens the heart to appropriate expression and provides an awesome channel for this critical Chakra. She gives us the courage for transition, movement and change and allows us to understand why it is necessary. In addition, she can be used in crystal grids to activate certain crystals, either placed on top of large ones or with the crystal laid on her for the smaller ones. Because she is a compact size, she can also be laid on the body during a Reiki or crystal healing session, greatly expanding the dynamics of her interaction – she is an excellent helper and worker Spirit!

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Charming Dark Green Chlorite-Included Tabby DT Quartz Inner Voice

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