#16645 Glyphed Hallelujah Junction Smoky Quartz Scepter with Old Souls Spirits
Glyphed Hallelujah Junction Smoky Quartz Scepter with Old Souls Spirits
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This is a humble-looking light smoky quartz scepter with a pale blushes of amethyst and citrine that is from the Hallelujah Junction in Nevada. He is 4.4 oz, 2.8” by 1.9” by 1.7 with a contact scar to the side and healed base. A small and very bright student sits to the side just over the rod … in interestingly, the rod is terminated! The Hallelujah Junction area, high in the mountains between California and Nevada, is known for its smoky quartz. And although humble, he bears marvelous glyphs … some of which must be inspected by loupe where you will find Spirits peeking out at you … and a nice rainbow. This is an Old Soul Spirit quartz, filled with ancient wisdom who will provide you many, many interesting meditations!

Old Soul Spirits are earthy looking crystals that radiate raw Earth Energy and courage. This Spirit touches an ancient and compelling cord, deep within your soul that joins you to All That Is, instilling a deep sense of belonging. There is no need to worry or stew over what your role is – you know it without verbalizing in any manner. These crystals have seen change and the change has dramatically altered their appearance, yet they emerge, strong and vibrant in their adaptation. Old Soul Spirits teach us the secrets of this physical Earth and impart the Spirit of love for it; they help us to understand that change is inevitable and adaptation is survival and growth. Native Americans have long held the Old Soul Spirit with highest reverence and respect for such a crystal holds sacred knowledge. To hold one is to experience the winds of time, to see the formation of the Earth, to sit in rapture at the diversity and flexibility of its species, to know the Spirit of All That Is.

This is not a crystal for the collector to place on a shelf and admire. This is a strong energy working crystal! His energies will bring about change in your life, for to meditate with an Old Soul Spirit is to forever be altered. I cannot say this enough: this crystal is about change and it is only through change that we grow and advance spiritually.

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Glyphed Hallelujah Junction Smoky Quartz Scepter with Old Souls Spirits

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