#16659 Lustrous Polished Tibetan Jet Quartet
Lustrous Polished Tibetan Jet Quartet
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This is a wonderful and lustrous quartet of tumbled jet totaling 0.8 oz and each about 0.8” … and all from Tibet. Jet is a type of fossilized wood and more like coal than the petrified wood that comes to mind. He is warm to the touch and most soothing – similar to the feel of amber and in fact, makes a wonderful companion to amber! Plus each in the group is a perfect pocket size, but they are great used in grids!

Jet is wonderful for banishing fear – fear about life, finances, goals, others … all of it. Holding a piece of jet gives you a feeling of well-being that pervades the Spirit. You feel ready to “lick” the world – and with fear aside, you are literally ready to give it a go! And according to Feng Shui, jet is used not only to attract money, but to hold onto money you attract. Use these for meditation or placing in a grid where you work or spend a lot of time!

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Lustrous Polished Tibetan Jet Quartet

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