#16662 Mysterious Pair of Petite DT Smoky Degray Lake Quartz - Rare
Mysterious Pair of Petite DT Smoky Degray Lake Quartz - Rare
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This is a really unusual and rare pair of ‘smoky’ DT quartz, 18.6 grams and each about 1.1””. Locally, they are called ‘water quartz’ and once you see them, you know why – the luster is incredible! This pair is kind of a yin-yang with one Spirit being a light smoky color with mist-filled, almost opalescent, interior with wraith-like pale inclusions inside and bits of slate that create the smoky color. The other is a light, clear ‘smoky” and almost Herkimer-like. Note that smoky quartz is the result of exposure to radiation within the Earth … this Spirit has had no radiation exposure … the color comes only from the slate. The faces (albeit small) are marvelously glyphed with Lemurian lines on the sides … and check each with a loupe – although I didn’t see any enhydros, these quartz are known for them, so maybe you will find a neat one! These were from an old collection and I was I was lucky to get a quantity of these beautiful, rare and mysterious ‘smoky quartz’ from Degray Lake, Arkansas. They aren’t perfect in physical form, but they are in energy!

Smoky quartz is caused by natural earth radiation (long since dissipated and definitely no longer dangerous) which turns the clear quartz into smoky … and smoky quartz is found all over the world – but not in Arkansas. And truly, this smoky quartz is from colloidal inclusions and not radiation! The result is that energetically, they feel quite different from a ‘normal’ smoky quartz. Sit with one of the pair in each hand and play beautiful music such as Voice of the Seven Winds by Dik Darnell. I like to include incense as well, although they do have a heady crystalline musk when anointed with rain water and that will be enough to stimulate the senses. They readily set up a theta state – similar to the one that comes when you work in ‘automatic’ (like when you’re driving and you go miles without knowing for sure if you stopped at the traffic lights … ) – you are still conscious on one level and not in another – it’s as if you have a foot in both. They are marvelous for facilitating meditation in this manner and outstanding as part of a grid where they can augment the energy from all. You can see why the early peoples treasured these quartz in the lifelong search for the sacred!

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Mysterious Pair of Petite DT Smoky Degray Lake Quartz - Rare

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