#16664 Odd but Intense Atlantean Activator Chocolate Quartz with Rutile
Odd but Intense Atlantean Activator Chocolate Quartz with Rutile
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This is an absolutely astounding and intense 2.9 oz quartz from Ipupiara, Brazil measuring 2.7” by 2.2” by 0.7”. He has a wonderful chocolate-brown color and is ‘pock marked’ front and back. On the sides, you can see through the clarity (and slight smoky color) that the rutile is deep ochre and gold … the pock-marking is from rutile breeching the surface and the quartz healing over the breach. His terminal faces are wonderfully glyphed and the glyphs carry down his sides. He has a wonderful presence and electric energy!

Interestingly, I researched the name ‘Ipupiara’ – it is an area named for the Shaman of the Uru-e-wau-wau tribe of the Brazilian Amazon, the tribe who calls themselves ‘The People of the Stars’ after an encounter with extraterrestrials. The energy from this point is distinctly Atlantean, but not of the later years … of the early years when they too were visited. Such crystals surfaced and awoke the Atlanteans to the power of the Earth Shamans (crystals). At that time, crystals were recognized for what they truly are, sanctioned Beings, and were honored and valued for their contribution to humans. Such a crystal would be placed in the palm of the hand where the palm meridians were well in contact with the ‘pock-marked’ rutile source area. This established the proper energy flow and meshing with the crystal and user. From there, these crystals were used to activate others. Their criss-cross rutile key markings served as energy accelerators and the effect was to project a veritable ethereal fountain of brilliant energies all around. This crystal is meant for one of Atlantean descent who wishes to rekindle the old ways before the crystals were abused. He is from my personal collection and our time together is over, so he is moving on with much love to a new Keeper.

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Odd but Intense Atlantean Activator Chocolate Quartz with Rutile

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