#16818 Pale Smoky Starbrary Quartz with Tiny Hematite Dendrites
Pale Smoky Starbrary Quartz with Tiny Hematite Dendrites
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This is an opalescent quartz with slanted and healed base from Brazil, 1.9 oz and 2.95" by 1" by 0.8". He is very pale smoky and more clear than pictures show as his sides bear amazing glyphs or keys. One side is sparsely populated with tiny students while the rest hold the Sirius starbrary glyphs. And as I worked with him, I noticed specks inside … they are tiny hematite dendrites, all arrange in bead-like manner! Although there are a few tiny dings, he is incredible in his messages and his energy! I guarantee that he will take your breath away when first you open him! He has a few tiny dings, but nothing altering his energy or message.

He is a potent starbrary and it is said that such crystals were the first Lemurians – a gift of the Star Peoples to those of Lemuria. As the use of crystals evolved in Lemuria, the more favored (and more common) lined ones became popular since they were more for directing energies. Ones such as this were held for the Elders and Seers so that the records of the Star Peoples were preserved and known only to a few. You will see that he is a translator, passing deftly from Star Language to Lemurian and back. Some have channeled these quartz and have information that these originated from the Sirius systems and I concur … he is very potent and unlike the other starbrary energies I’ve experienced. He is incredibly potent and he is meant for a Keeper who will utilize the secrets of the early Lemurian civilization to bring Light and Love into this time and place …

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Pale Smoky Starbrary Quartz with Tiny Hematite Dendrites

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