#16820 Rare Artichoke Quartz Cluster with Specular Hematite
Rare Artichoke Quartz Cluster with Specular Hematite
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This is a 4.2 oz, 2.7” by 1.7” by 1.6” cluster from Inner Mongolia (China) that is truly unusual and astounding! She is a spectacular cluster of lightbrary crystals, all greenish-gray, and included with glitter-like specular hematite that gives her that distinctive color … and she is an artichoke quartz! The term, artichoke, describes the growth habit of the quartz that is somewhere between a prasem quartz, a tessin quartz, a lovestar quartz and a lightbrary and with characteristics of each. What is truly amazing is that she is actually a cluster of smaller clusters, so she has a lobed look with keys all around her edges. Check her with a loupe to fully enjoy all her intricacies – she is nothing short of amazing and a meditation just to explore.

Every time I look at her, I notice something else! You will marvel at her incredible attributes that manifest into an earthy and warm energy. There is just a bit of edge damage, but otherwise, she is in excellent condition! Again this week, there seems to be a profusion of crystals that have come forward for balance and this is yet another. She has an earthy-earthy feel and yet she compels you to not live in the physical alone – without the Spiritual aspects, we do not advance in this life’s expression. But, without the life’s expression, the psyche is trapped into reliving the same lesson, lifetime after lifetime. This Spirit encourages her Keeper to explore all that this earth has to offer – to savor the wonder of waterfalls, the mystery of the rainforest, the compulsion of the sea, the paradox of the mountains and the infinite expression of all life forms. To eat an artichoke, you peel off the leaves, one by one, eating the small portion at the base of the leaf, until you reach the “choke” and the heart. The heart is rich and wonderful and the choke is nearly inedible – symbolic of each of our “searches” in life – we will always find chokes and hearts, but must learn to extract what we need and get to the heart. In knowing what is truly in the heart, we bridge the physical and the Spiritual and can make that important integration. This Spirit is an important new class of crystalline Spirits appearing now to help each of us in our own personal quests. She would love to be part of your quest …

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Rare Artichoke Quartz Cluster with Specular Hematite

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