#16844 Brookite and Quartz DT Cluster – Magnificent Chakra Activator
Brookite and Quartz DT Cluster – Magnificent Chakra Activator
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This is a wonderful 5.1 oz quartz cluster (another “treasure find”) of three larger crystals and four small ones, 3.75” by 1.5” by 1.3” and from Pakistan. To the lower termination, there is a touch of chlorite among the many terminations and sparkly quartz druse there. Interestingly, the largest crystal (kind of the “lead”) has the bit of chlorite and several nice blades of brookite that are both included and protruding from the crystal sides! There is a large, dominant Isis face and loads of facial glyphs and he nests perfectly in the palm so that his elestial terminations are in contact with the palm meridians. He is a perfect size for healing or Reiki work.

This cluster really packs a wallop! More than the phenacite and petalite, brookite is HUGE for activating the higher chakras. HUGE! He looks quite ordinary at first, but when you pick him up and feel that power surge, it goes from your toes right on through the top of your head! He is a potent communicator, enabling you to channel into higher dimensions. Place him over the Third Eye and you will literally feel wide open – as if it all was there for you and you'd never opened it before! He facilitates contact with extraterrestrials and allows you to see your connectedness to them. He is a very rare and unusual Spirit who will serve you well in achieving a higher order of Spiritual awareness and consciousness.

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Brookite and Quartz DT Cluster – Magnificent Chakra Activator

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