#16947 Corinto Starbrary Quartz Rocket Ship – Energy Booster
Corinto Starbrary Quartz Rocket Ship – Energy Booster
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This is a 3.4 oz, 3.25” by 1.5” by 1.4” D quartz cluster from Brazil and he looks like a rocket ship with his two students at the slanted and healed base! The way the small ones are arranged makes him look like a rocket in flight with a trail of “flame” from the ignition at lift-off. In general, he is lightly misted but with nice clarity and there are wonderful Lemurian lines and a few nice starbrary glyphs. Although he has a few tiny dings, he is very stunning and hugely energetic. You will be in love!

I love the image of a rocket ship with this Spirit because that is exactly how his energy feels! He is soaring and clear! Holding him in your hand, you can see why many believe that these Spirits were seeded by the Star Peoples. He works well in either hand with his slanted base against the palm meridians. He is used for energy balancing – as he works his magic, you feel adjusted – similar to the way you feel after a chiropractic treatment to your physical body. He activates the Causal Chakra above the head and you can really feel a surge in energy flow through your aura. He is an energizer and should be used after an hour or so in the warm, spring sun to purify him and ready his energies. He will be your new best friend!

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Corinto Starbrary Quartz Rocket Ship – Energy Booster

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