#16991 Altar Twinned Angelic Passion Tangerine Quartz with "Sugar" and Trigonics
Altar Twinned Angelic Passion Tangerine Quartz with Sugar and Trigonics
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This is an arrival and from the tail end of the tangerine quartz mines in Brazil as these areas are reverting to eucalyptus forest. She is an ethereal tangerine and large, point with a sugar-like druse covering one side and spilling over onto another. With tangerine quartz, the color is derived from hematite that was deposited on the outside … hers was on the inside and in layers of intensity which gives her color an ethereal and angelic feel. And the phantom is easy to see! Her faces are an array of “dragon scales”, elestial expression, record keepers, tiny trigonic record keepers and unusual glyphs that will delight your eye as you search them with a loupe … and she the Virgo sweeping starbrary glyphs on her sides among the Lemurian lines. Now the real surprise comes when you closely examine her dominant terminal face. You will notice a stargazer student there that was broken off eons ago and healed, but note that there is a subtle change in texture across the face revealing that she is a very subtle twin! She is in excellent condition and will bring much joy to her Keeper … and she is perfect for your angel altars! She is 1 lb 6.8 oz and 4.65" by 23.8" by 12.2".

The energies of this Spirit are a bit difficult to describe, mostly because I get angelic ones as well as ones you would normally associate with the Sacral Chakra. The typical orange is a blend of red and yellow – the energy and conviction of the Core put into action through the physical center … the Solar Plexus. The Sacral Chakra provides the channel and the flow of feelings that express in the physical and then into the emotional realms. From here, they mature into the Crown … and after all, this Spirits overgrowth is white, the color of the Crown. Orange is normally associated with passion and passion is the fire in our lives – it stirs emotion, creativity and even life itself. Blended with the angelic aspects, this creates a passion about all life, living and all living things. It is said that trigonic record keepers are for a Keeper dealing with life and death issues – in other words, coming into a full understanding of the continuum of All That Is. The fact that this crystal is full of them means that the Keeper is ready for such a bridge and the important lessons that the Angelic Realm can facilitate. She is the ultimate in love … and I think you will find it all in this wondrous crystalline Spirit!

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Altar Twinned Angelic Passion Tangerine Quartz with “Sugar” and Trigonics

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