#16993 Amethyst Phantom Brandberg Quartz with Silver Shield, Window
Amethyst Phantom Brandberg Quartz with Silver Shield, Window
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This is an 8.2 gram, 1.25” by 0.7” by 0.5” Brandberg quartz with lovely pale amethyst phantom (easier to see in person than in the pictures) and an amazing series of diagonal silver shields that light her up inside … and flash shy rainbows when the light hits just right! She is somewhat tabby-esque with gentle Lemurian lines and sparse, dancing mists. You will be quite entertained studying the way they seem to move around and play with the light! She has a key near at her base and a lovely window that offers an “entry” into her crystalline interior. She’s both beautiful and amazing!

Some time ago, I was lucky enough to get a collection of the first Brandbergs to come out of Africa and she is a most extraordinary emissary. The silver shield within this Spirit is like a waterfall, spilling about half her length. Silver shields are internal fractures that heal and often show elestial characteristics inside. They mark transitions and signify major shifts in consciousness for the Keeper of this incredible Spirit. Like the mists, they seem to rise into the purple crown … this is a crystal meant for a Keeper seriously working on Spiritual evolution and growth. She can be used like a scrying mirror to help evaluate visions, dreams and thoughts while on that major journey! Additionally, she is beautiful enough to wire-wrap for a most special necklace or pendulum.

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Amethyst Phantom Brandberg Quartz with Silver Shield, Window

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