#17000 Dolphin DT Dream Lemurian Quartz, Manifestors
Dolphin DT Dream Lemurian Quartz, Manifestors
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This is a marvelous DT Brazilian quartz, opalescent with a bit of misting inside. She is 1.6 oz and 3.3” by 0.95” by 0.7” and an array of very small students on one side as well as a large one, riding “dolphin style” where the dolphin calf rides atop the mother as it goes to the surface for its first breath after birth. With a loupe, you can see a couple of little manifestors as well as bits of chlorite inside! She has very gently expressed Lemurian lines that are beautifully interspersed with a few starbrary glyphs … you simply will not believe how incredible this Spirit is and how energetic … tingling fingers is the rule! There are several scattered keys where other students once resided including a rather deep one just below the upper termination. She has a few tiny dings but otherwise is in splendid condition and ready to work with her Keeper!

Dream Lemurians stimulate the dreamtime remembrances of Lemuria in a very sweet and gentle way. As in Atlantis, there were lessons associated with Lemuria – more successes than catastrophic failure. The disappearance of Lemuria was natural, whereas misuse of power brought about the demise of Atlantis. It is important for those of Lemurian descent to remember the old ways as they are much needed at this moment in time. Her penetrators ensure that her Keeper can access the Core Self, filled with that Lemurian knowledge and wisdom. Lemuria’s lessons of Love and Light are critical to the world and their emissaries have arisen to begin the Awakening.

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Dolphin DT Dream Lemurian Quartz, Manifestors

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