#17001 Double Writing Cassiopeia Starbrary Tangerose Quartz
Double Writing Cassiopeia Starbrary Tangerose Quartz
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This is a pastel but colorful, 2.5 oz, 2.3 by 1.2” by 1” tangerose quartz with all the classic etchings of the Cassiopeia starbrary. The tangerose were isolated to a single find among tangerine quartz from the Diamantina mines, except rather than that juicy orange color, they were shades of coral and rose with the color intensifying as the layers deepened. These crystals were named ‘Cristal da Rosa’, aka ‘Rosies’ as my dear friend, Jenny nicknamed them. Hematite, in its wondrous flexibility of expression, has altered their energies … and in her case, it has been deposited in layers and created almost a double writing in that it accents her Cassiopeia starbrary glyphs, including a few on her terminal faces. She is very deftly twinned and has strange white marks (like snowflakes) on her faces and sides. Her irregular base is healed and all of her faces have been polished, no doubt to all you to see better inside. She holds incredible information, perfect for a Keeper who has always looked up and the stars and has known where home is … and she also holds a key for those seeking expression of remembrances they cannot explain. The right Keeper will know what this is. There are some very little dings, but she is otherwise is in excellent condition and ready for her Star Keeper!

Starbraries are recognized by the presence of glyph-like markings, symbols and geometric patterns plus usually a doorway or key. By aligning fingers with the doorways or keys, you can unlock different layers, depending on orientation. Companion crystals are important - they either come with the crystal (purchased with or given with) or appear shortly thereafter. They don't have to be quartz, but work with the main crystal to unlock different layers or even gain access to the crystal itself. All starbraries work like that - the companions facilitate access, although it's possible to gain access just from the starbrary itself.

Of all of the Star Peoples, the Cassiopeia travelers were the ones that chronicled their journeys and left records of the places they have been. They sought out life throughout the galaxies and left messages wherever they traveled. If you use these records for scrying, you will begin to see their journeys and understand what is out there in the Universe.

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Double Writing Cassiopeia Starbrary Tangerose Quartz

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