#17004 Enchanting Inner Mongolian "Green" Quartz
Enchanting Inner Mongolian Green Quartz
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This is a 1.7 oz, 2.5” by 1.9” by 1.1” quartz from a new find in Inner Mongolia and is totally enchanting. She is opalescent and when backlit, she has a blueish-green glow that spreads rises from her core into her terminations! She is a pair of larger crystals with a number of small students, some at odd angles and some making lightbrary sides on her. Her sides are very lustrous, but covered with intricate etchings that stop abruptly where her crown begins.! To her back, you can see that the inclusions are likely chlorite as the back is more green and dotted with small crystals of creamy calcite. You will see little inclusions of hematite as well. Glyphs abound and she is a study for you loupe! She is in excellent condition and she holds a vibrant energy that you will just love!

This cluster is all about love … you can feel a fireworks of gentle, loving energies emanating from her core. They spill over and spread all the love-related emotions like compassion, empathy, kindness and understanding … so much so that you cannot hold her without smiling and knowing that love is at your source! This is a very, very special and rare Spirit and one that will literally shift the focus of your life onto a path of love and Spiritual development. And as I am finding from each of these amazing crystals, each is meant for a special Keeper and has messages only from that One.

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Enchanting Inner Mongolian “Green” Quartz

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