#17024 Rare Elestial Smoky and Rose Quartz Flower with Crystal Caves
Rare Elestial Smoky and Rose Quartz Flower with Crystal Caves
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This is a very odd cluster but yet, one of most beautiful clusters ever … and a bit hard to describe. First, she is part of a diverse new shipment from Barros do Salinos, Brazil, weighing 10.5 oz and measuring 4.4” by 3.3” by 1.7”. Her core, front and back is a light smoky elestial, rich with deep etchings. The core crystal is completely edged with a glowing flower of very light, clear smoky quartz and if you look at the edging to the back, you’ll see petite rose quartz crystals as well as areas of crystal caves! Some of the little smoky crystals are scepters and the back, exposed core crystal has crystal caves under the flower edging. Also there are areas that look like yellow lepidolite! She is nothing short of exquisite and yet, she has a quiet and gentle energy that soothes your Spirit. She will be a wondrous addition to your personal meditations or special love altars!

Many crystals have angelic energies and truly, when you see her, you’ll know that she is angelic expression personified. As you hold her, you immediately feel engulfed in a cloud of fragrant, sweet, rose unconditional love! She is everything warm and wonderful who loves you just for you – like a puppy who follows you around with sheer adoration on his face. But her message is much, much deeper, aided by her mica aspects, fostering introspection. True love begins with love of self. If you do not truly, unconditionally love yourself and who you are, then change is necessary to make it so. Once you reach that level, only then can you love someone else and they love you. It sounds harsh, but it’s not really. If you are happy with who you are, then you radiate that happiness; beauty exudes from every pore and you glow with an energy and enthusiasm that is beyond measure. People perceive you differently and react differently. If you look at the truly beautiful people, their beauty comes from somewhere deep inside – they may not be that physically attractive, but their happiness makes them glow. Now, her smoky scepters remind her Keeper that knowing and loving Self is true inner power – true power and not corrupt power (like that associated with accumulations of things and prestige). Work with this Angelic Spirit and allow her to help you achieve that level of love!

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Rare Elestial Smoky and Rose Quartz Flower with Crystal Caves

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