#17034 Surprising Smoky Dominion Quartz – Connect to Core Self
Surprising Smoky Dominion Quartz – Connect to Core Self
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This is a splendid and unusual crystal from Brazil that I call ‘dominion quartz’ … well, actually, this is what he called himself so I guess I shouldn’t take the credit. He’s a 1.4 oz, 2.1” by 1.1” by 0.85” clear and light smoky quartz, and generally these quartz have rods inside that look like epidote, but with a mottled hematite coating that creates a fascinating color and texture. You can see where this crystal was shaped by these rods – some inside and some leaving deep keys around the termination. It was hard to show but this crystal is rather pristine in spite of it’s growth interference. He has some tiny dings that in no way effect either his crystalline presence or energy.

I like the idea of a quartz for ‘dominion’ … now it is an odd name, but it works. Epidote in quartz is like a ‘speaker stone’ and when coated with hematite, not only is this grounding, but it directly connects with the Source Self. And even though the epidote is gone, the energies remain. Helping his Keeper to make that connection is what it’s all about … unless you have ‘dominion’ over your own Self, you all too readily give up your everything to others who are more dominant and secure in themselves. This Spirit allows you to not just see your Self value, but to feel it in its strength and Self-assurance. This would be an important energy for a Keeper seeking a stronger Self-voice and sensitivity.

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Surprising Smoky Dominion Quartz – Connect to Core Self

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