#17041 AAA Electric Black Prasem Lightbrary Quartz Cluster with Garnets
AAA Electric Black Prasem Lightbrary Quartz Cluster with Garnets
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This is a stunning, stunning AAA lightbrary point of black prasem quartz from Dal’negorsk, Russia. She is an 8.3 gram, 1.4” by 0.6” by 0.5” and her color is a deep, deep blue-green-black from inclusions of green actinolite and blue riebeckite (you can see them in the pictures in the termination) and she is highly, highly lustrous. Some of the pictures make her look rather matte … once you see her in person, you realize that her luster is abundant … she was extremely difficult to photograph. Her terminations are cathedral-like, although you will need a loupe to truly appreciate her with all of her tiny glyphs and lightbrary terminations. Around her base is a small cluster of red-orange spessartine garnets. Examine her with a loupe to appreciate all the fine detail and savor the total uniqueness of this Spirit! She is in stellar condition and a beauty beyond words! I think you will be astounded!

Unlike the dark green prasem quartz, this Spirit is much more electric and heady. Normally, black minerals have a tendency to be grounding, but she is more like a multi-headed laser beam, projecting incredible energies and channeling them throughout all the Chakras. Her red-orange garnets awaken passion, excitement, conviction and inspiration on a very primal level and infuse it throughout the Keeper’s being. Her reibeckite helps her Keeper see things in a new light so that you become flexible and open to new ideas. She balances and tones and maintains a huge energy flow – kind of like a large cup of Starbucks in the morning! And with her wonderful cluster arrangement, there are so many energy levels. One that I found particularly effective was to place her in palm of the hand so that she was aligned along the life line. You can consciously project into her and feel her pumping energy pulses (like ripples on a pond …) outward. Stretch your arm out and watch the room fill with amazing energy! What a great way to cleanse and protect! She is way beyond awesome and a joy to work with!

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AAA Electric Black Prasem Lightbrary Quartz Cluster with Garnets

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