#17072 Neat and Brilliant DT Cathedral Tabby Quartz
Neat and Brilliant DT Cathedral Tabby Quartz
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This is a most unusual 2.4 oz DT cathedral lightbrary from Corinto, Brazil, 2.85” by 1.4” by 0.65”. She is definitely tabby and a brilliant and clear with a druse of little students to the back. The lower termination is a multi and there are tiny stargazer students dotting the terminal faces. The sides are Lemurian lined and hold a few Pleiadian starbrary glyphs. There are some light mists through her center offering just enough misting to light her up inside. She has a few tiny dings, but otherwise, she is in quite excellent condition and a delightful Spirit!

This is a wonderful and sweet Spirit. Cathedral Lightbraries are master teachers anyway, but to have one in tabby form and a starbrary, you have a master starbrary communicator as well. This is a power tool for Light Workers and her Keeper will have HUGE amounts of information, sufficient for a lifetime and beyond! Please keep in mind that she comes with a responsibility and that is to access and use the information within. These messages were not painstakingly coded for naught. Her Keeper will come to understand how to access and retrieve the massive amount of data within!

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Neat and Brilliant DT Cathedral Tabby Quartz

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