#17074 Pair of Gentle Blue Madagascar DT Record Keeper Sapphires
Pair of Gentle Blue Madagascar DT Record Keeper Sapphires
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This lovely, soft blue, pair of DT sapphires totaling 0.7 oz and each about 0.5” high. If you look carefully and use a loupe, you’ll see etched record keepers as well a raised ones on each sapphire. Each is beautiful and soothing to hold. One sapphire has a bit of calcite to the side of the raised record keeper and a bit of biotite mica. The other sapphire has biotite mica plopped on top of the record keeper and looks like a stack of two sapphire fused together. Some time ago, a friend gave me a sapphire pendulum and that has reawakened my love of sapphires … so this love is passed to you!

Sapphire is an interesting crystalline Spirit and notoriously hard to read. It combines mica for self-reflection with its own energies and presents a perfect vehicle for assisting his Keeper. The RKs function more like dials than records: as you meditate with him, turn him gently in your hand until you feel the ‘right brain’ activate. It’s a difficult transition, but you will suddenly realize that it’s ‘quiet’ inside – the left brain has toned down and is allowing the creativity, Spirit and intuition of the right brain to shine through. As the right brain gains ‘voice’, you begin to call forward your dreams, hopes and desires. They offer the ability to relate to those and help you bring them into your reality. Michael, Guardian of the Blue Ray, is said to speak through Sapphire, and if you look closely, you can see his radiance there. His message is to trust these Higher Forces that speak through you – your ‘intuition’ – it is truth and it emanates from your Soul Spirit. It is only in that manner that you will truly come to realize your true purpose in this incarnation.

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Pair of Gentle Blue Madagascar DT Record Keeper Sapphires

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