#17080 Sparkling Light Citrine Cathedraled Quartz
Sparkling Light Citrine Cathedraled Quartz
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This is an outstandingly clear light (but rich) citrine twinned, cathedraled point from Jenipapo, Brazil weighing 2.5 oz and measuring 2.5” by 1.25” by 1.25”. His termination is twinned and he sort of looks like a scepter on one side, but he doesn’t have those energies. His faces are well glyphed (including trigonic record keepers) and his sides hold a few Lyra and a few Virgo starbrary glyphs. There are very tactile Lemurian lines and teeny students scattered about … and a few teeny keys where former students once resided. He is simply filled with joy (and a few gorgeous rainbows) and utterly magnificent in his presence and stunning markings. There are some very tiny dings, but otherwise he is in excellent condition.

What a brilliant and energetic Spirit this is! You will find this Spirit full of light and love that sparkle in his wisdom. His glyphs are likely an undiscovered star language as he has that depth in his message of love, light and unity. He is meant for a Light Worker in a teaching role who is introducing others to Light work. It is this Keeper who will be able to open his knowledge base and use it with wisdom and purity of intention.

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