#17081 Spectacular Ancient Old-Soul DT Smoky Citrine Scepter of Beginnings
Spectacular Ancient Old-Soul DT Smoky Citrine Scepter of Beginnings
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This spectacular DT scepter is from Brazil (and newly arrived) and is 3.45” by 2.4” by 1.9” and weighs 8.6 oz. Her “rod” is stout and is a nice golden citrine and both terminations are covered by a well-glyphed smoky secondary growth. And you can see that the growth was sequential over geological time plus the base termination has an area with tiny insets of albite crystals and little crystal caves that offer a perfect thumb hold. Her sides feature a dramatic series of minute glyphs that almost appear holographic from their arrangement and they, too, are rather layered. Golden healer is trapped between the layers of her dominant terminal face … it’s quite spectacular and adds to her overall golden color! She has a few tiny dings, but nothing troublesome and she awaits her most special Keeper!

There is no way you can touch this Spirit and not feel ancient and wise energies rising from her golden heart. She speaks of times long past when the winds of time blew freely and oceans formed and cooled the Earth … and crystals arose within her heart. The sea animals began to walk on the land and finally humans evolved and formed societies and tribes in the blink of geological time. These peoples gathered for ceremonies to the seasons and respected the land and the beings upon it. The call of geese flying over in deep “Vs” brought recollections and visitors came from the stars on a regular basis. These visitors shared much of what we understand to have come from Atlantis and Lemuria – a melding of old and new ideas. And you can well imagine, a scepter such as this must have been central to these ceremonies. If you consider how a scepter forms in nature, it is a natural crystal of quartz upon which another crystal has formed. So the first becomes the rod and the second the head. They are the ultimate phantom and manifestor, hence the association with power. The power they provide is not worldly and is not related to wealth, control or politics. Instead, it is truly a manifestation of the power of Self – becoming and being ALL that you can be from every perspective. In every regard, the growth of this rare crystal mirrors the changes that we each must undergo in order to achieve a high level of Spiritual advancement and achievement. And such teachings had to have been precisely what the Star Peoples wanted to leave with humans so that full human potential was realized … and help all humans understand and respect their place on this Earth!

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Spectacular Ancient Old-Soul DT Smoky Citrine Scepter of Beginnings

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