#17084 Striking Dow Smoky Tangerose Crossed Quartz Starbrary
Striking Dow Smoky Tangerose Crossed Quartz Starbrary
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This is a 5 oz, 4” by 1.8” by 1.3” tangerose quartz from Corinto, Brazil. These were isolated to a single find among tangerine quartz there, except rather than that juicy orange color, they were shades of coral and rose. Hematite, in its wondrous flexibility of expression, has altered their energies. The mines have been pretty well played out and since closed, so I was very pleased to get a nice supply of residual crystals. This is a nice tangerose but with a secondary coating of hematite that gives her a smoky look (note that she is not a smoky quartz) and really accents her starbrary glyphs. She is two crossed points with white circles and the larger point is a Dow (alternating seven sided faces separated by a three-sided) and holographic glyphs carry onto her faces. She has a few very little dings and one scrape to a side (shown) that is healing, but nothing affecting her energy or Spirit!

The Dow configuration is one of balance and destiny. Named by the famed crystal worker, Katrina Raphael for her dear friend, JaneAnn Dow, these points have the magic of threes and sevens in perfect unity. Threes represent the Sacred Trinity; past, present, future; child, adult, elder. Sevens represent the vibrational levels: the musical scale (do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti); colors in the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet); the seven directions (north, south, east, west, up, down and within). Add them together and you get 30 … another “3” and perfect unity.

I am amazed by the ancientness of the energies emanating from this Spirit. She touches a cord deep within your soul that joins you to All That Is, instilling a deep sense of belonging. There is no need to worry or stew over what your role is – you know it without verbalizing in any manner. You are embraced in every sense by a sweetness and freshness that renews the Spirit and heals the Self. During meditation several summers ago, I perceived a color to the Earth’s aura that I called ‘resin’ – it was a honeyed rose with a fragrance of tuberose or honeysuckle. The color and the odor were defined together – you couldn’t sense one without the other. And this Spirit is of that vibration – to work with her is to know the Earth in all its intimate stages, including the visitors from the stars. Now, with her Dow (aka trans-channeler) configuration, she is well equipped to both facilitate contact out to the Star Peoples as well as provide a channel to the information on her sides. Although many starbraries need companion crystals to unlock the messages, she will openly reveal hers to the right Keeper. She is a rare and wondrous Spirit!

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Striking Dow Smoky Tangerose Crossed Quartz Starbrary

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