#17085 Stunning Lemurian Twinned Quartz Wand with Rutile
Stunning Lemurian Twinned Quartz Wand with Rutile
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This is a sweet, ever-so-slightly smoky Brazilian Lemurian wand, 1 oz and 2.7” by 0.7” by 0.5” and once you feel the energy, you won’t even notice her small stature! She has slightly undulating sides with a few Pleiadian starbrary glyphs! Several students gather at her base forming a second termination there. She is twinned and there are areas of golden healer accenting the crevices. Hew lower termination has insets of mica, a crystal of hematite and golden healer and arising from that area are fanned needles of golden rutile! She has a couple of tiny dings, but nothing bothersome; she is a rare beauty!

This is a wonderful pocket wand where you can reach in during the day and allow your fingers to flow with her energies. For a wand, her energies are very soothing, yet stimulating. You feel as if you bathed in a tropical waterfall! I like to use her to purify a room and leave it feeling like springtime. And, she is wonderful for laying on the body during a crystal healing or Reiki treatment. Her rutiles are titanium and also are crystals within – she helps the patient visualize the true cause of physical problems so that a holistic healing is possible. She loves to bask in the sunshine, when not in your pocket, for a quick “bath” of her own! You will just love her!

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Stunning Lemurian Twinned Quartz Wand with Rutile

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