#17091 Abundantly-Rainbowed, Polished Quartz Channeler
Abundantly-Rainbowed, Polished Quartz Channeler
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This is a truly gorgeous polished quartz point and while I do prefer natural ones, sometimes polishing restores the energy transmission to a damaged crystal, enabling it to serve once again – as it does with this Spirit. This 9.1 oz 3.65” by 1.7 by 1.7” clear quartz pillar from Brazil with channeler termination. There are many beautiful silver shields, interspersed with lovely rainbows, gracing his interior and he has a wonderful seven-sided face directly across from a three-sided – a channeler! He is a regal and handsome Spirit who would love to grace your sacred spaces! There is a very tiny nick along one terminal face, but otherwise, he is perfect!

Rainbows speak to creativity and like the rhodium quartz, holds the Secrets of the Seven … seven colors in the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet), seven tones in the musical scale (do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, ti), seven Chakras … and from these, all color, music and energy systems are derived. Seven is considered to be a sacred number by most of the world religions. There are seven stars in the constellation, Pleiades, seven wonders of the world, seven levels of enlightenment, etc. Seven is the continuum and transition from one plane to the next and the ultimate of expression … and the number of sides on the dominant face of the channeler!

This sweet Spirit is a channeler and receiver – most channelers have two seven-sided faces separated by a three-sided, but in his case, when they are directly across, he is the perfect channeler and receiver. He can be used for scrying (and he is WONDERFUL at that!) or with crystal grids as an activating crystal. He gently encourages the energy to flow, allowing you important contact. You can change the energies within the grid simply by rotating the dominant face in the direction you want to receive. Awesome!

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Abundantly-Rainbowed, Polished Quartz Channeler

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