#17092 All Natural White Lodelite (Chlorite) Phantom "Snow" Quartz
All Natural White Lodelite (Chlorite) Phantom Snow Quartz
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This is a neat, all natural “snow” quartz, 3.3 oz and 2.7” by 1.3” by 1.1” from Brazil. The snow is white lodelite (chlorite) and with sparkling white with a side of pale dove gray forming a partial phantom. There is a partial student with a crystal cave at the base) across one terminal face and areas of chlorite erosion on three sides. You’ll even see a little rainbow smiling out! The whole effect is like a snow globe (without the globe) with the “snow” settling here and there, bathing her interior with beauty! There is a thin scrape up the side of one terminal face, but otherwise, she is in excellent condition.

Phantom quartz is one of the best assistants for past life recall. I particularly love the white chlorite-lodelite phantoms as they are more protective and grounding while still being expanding. If you do any past life regressions, you are often shown lifetimes in which you came to a violent end or perhaps perpetrated violence. Or, you may have been a person you aren't proud of and these images can be very disturbing and haunting. Using a chlorite phantom enables you to see the reason you chose that particular physical expression without judging why. For instance, if you were abused in a previous life, you may have chosen to return in a lifetime in which you were an abuser, just to understand what drives the abuse. From that knowledge, you can then enter a lifetime in which you work with abusers (or the abused) to help them overcome the cycle in this physical expression. She is truly a dedicated Spirit who will help you better understand all of who you are!

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Polished White Lodelite (Chlorite) Phantom “Snow” Quartz

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