#19001 Double Writing Sirius Starbrary Quartz Wand with Hematite
Double Writing Sirius Starbrary Quartz Wand with Hematite
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This is a keyed wand from Brazil and is 4.9 oz and 4” by 1.9 “ by 0.9” .She wears Sirius starbrary glyphs accented by her Lemurian lines and with a loupe, you can study the glyphs well! It does look like the double writing effect was created by a secondary growth of quartz … you can see that the growth was incomplete on the sides, creating some very tactile glyphs. There is an Isis face with adjoining Osiris face making her an Isis-Osiris crystal plus some nice rainbows! A diagonal key bridges three sides making a perfect perch place for finger/thumb. She has a few tiny dings but is otherwise in excellent condition, ready to work with her special Keeper.

The legends of the love Egyptian goddess Isis had for her beloved Osiris inspire the perfection of unity between the Earth and the Divine. It represents one of the greatest loves in history, showing us that love transcends life, death and time. It is eternal, always and forever. Isis is magic, the giver of life, wisdom and teaching – the symbol of femininity and all that is ‘yin’. Osiris is the yang, in perfect balance to the yin. She truly speaks to eternal love in all its facets and is a crystal that one lover might give to another as a measure of the beloved nature they share.

This lady is an extreme healer, addressing energy blockages, implants from past lives and negative energy pockets. Her terminations enable focusing of her moving energies. Whether we realize it or now, our aura is a blueprint of our physical, emotional and Spiritual health. Disease at all levels show here and can be treated here as well. It is important to note that as with conventional medicine, this is simply treating the symptom, but it gives the body a jump-start so that the root cause can be addressed. This Spirit is an important tool for setting the stage and accelerating the true healing to follow as well as initiating the change that will ensure a permanent “fix”. These crystals were used in Atlantis and Lemuria and highly sought-after ones at that! Although they were abused in that period, they are appearing once again, but with modifications so that they are never used with that intent again. Their role now is only healing. She is an astounding and capable helper and will be a true blessing to her Keeper. Sirius peoples were very interesting and it is conjectured that their major interactions were with the Egyptians. There is similarity in Egyptian writings and the many depictions on the walls of Egyptian temples suggest a vast amount of experimentalism. The Sirius peoples may have made possible the technological advancement initiated during the Egyptian era, including many healing techniques.

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Double Writing Sirius Starbrary Quartz Wand with Hematite

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