#18008 Goddess of the Moon Silvery-Blue Kyanite Wand
Goddess of the Moon Silvery-Blue Kyanite Wand
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This is a 1.3 oz, silvery-blue kyanite wand from Brazil measuring 2.5 by 0.7” by 0.4” and beautifully doubly-terminated into castled expression at the lower termination! She shimmers with a silvery glow that gives her a blue-moonlight look with a soft and pure feel. Little insets of mica at the lower termination add to the effect … and she has gemmy areas. This isn’t a blade of kyanite like you usually see, but an actual multi-faceted wand – there is definitely a directed energy flow that can be projected!

Kyanite and citrine are the only two stones that never gather negativity or need cleansing, making them absolutely ideal and critical in a healing practice. Before and after each patient, use this Goddess of the Moon to cleanse the treatment room by holding her in the projection hand and sending the breath as if passing through her. Trace the dimensions of the room, including windows and doorways as well as the table. During treatment, the Goddess of the Moon can be used to help calm the patient, open communication and balance the Chakras. This Spirit loves to be used to remove blockages that limit growth and experience. Often we are incapacitated by fear, doubt and not knowing what to do first. Life can be overwhelming. Using her silvery-blue energies, you can slice through that frustration and indecision; suddenly you have the confidence to do and see. What an incredible feeling! Kyanite is also incredible for personal mediation as well: calming and clearing so that you rapidly reach a meditative state. She can be used alone or in a grid with quartz, citrine and possibly moldavite. She loves being used and appreciated – and in return, you will know what a wonderful all-purpose healer this Goddess is!

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Goddess of the Moon Silvery-Blue Kyanite Wand

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