#18012 Incredible Brown-Skinned Green Garnet from Mali
Incredible Brown-Skinned Green Garnet from Mali
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This is an astounding green garnet crystal, 0.6 oz and 0.9” by 0.85” by 0.8” and from Mali in Africa. She is keyed in only one small area and well shaped elsewhere. When I first saw her, I though she wasn’t green at all – she is really two toned. Hold her to the light and she looks a warm and light greenish-brown. Her keyed area holds the characteristic green heart! She has incredible color and zingy energy and is a most unique Spirit!

Energetically, garnets are one of my favorite energies! Many of the primitive peoples held garnet in very high esteem. We are rediscovering the secrets of their healing techniques now and with those, garnet appears to be rising in importance to the healing community. Garnet is known to transmute negative energies and restore them to a healthful state. Her energies are much more earthy as she helps you totally connect with nature, the earth and all living things. She reassures you that you belong and that your place is as important as any other’s – that all things are related and connected and your life is critical to the circle of life. Although she looks craggy and rough, she has incredible energy and a dynamic Spirit that you will truly cherish!

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Incredible Brown-Skinned Green Garnet from Mali

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