#18021 Petite Star Garnet from Idaho
Petite Star Garnet from Idaho
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Star garnets are quite rare – they are garnets included with rutile that accounts for the stars when they are polished. There are only two places on Earth where they are found: India and Idaho. He is 6.63 grams and 0.6” by 0.6” by 0.5” and his color is a deep, deep violet-red – gorgeous! Interestingly, the energy is very male!

Energetically, garnets are one of my favorite energies! Many of the primitive peoples held garnet in very high esteem. We are rediscovering the secrets of their healing techniques now and with those, garnet appears to be rising in importance to the healing community. Garnet is known to transmute negative energies and restore them to a healthful state. Place this Spirit in the palm of each hand, right in contact with the central palm meridians. You will instinctively know which hand works best. He instills a loving feeling, but a deeper, more committed love than for the Heart Chakra – it’s like a love emanating from the Earth herself, holding you in her arms and telling you that you belong! You truly feel your place in the Universe and can now focus on why you are really here. Place under a pillow at night to help you make sense of the dream messages. He is truly an important Spirit for a Light Worker and it’s critical that his energies are appearing at this time. Use also in a crystal healing or Reiki practice to assist with the balancing of patient energies. Balance – critical in today’s stress-filled life!

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Petite Star Garnet from Idaho

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