#18027 Shaman's Vision DT Elestial Slightly-Smoky Citrine Quartz with Lightning Strike
Shaman's Vision DT Elestial Slightly-Smoky Citrine Quartz with Lightning Strike
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This is a stunning and partially elestial 1 lb 2.3 oz DT citrine quartz point, 4.45” by 2.5” by 1.9”, from Brazil. She is a nice golden color, tinged with just a touch of smoke with her lower termination being smoky and elestial. She has nice Lemurian lines with simply amazing starbrary glyphs, areas of chalcedony overlay and inclusions of white mica! A druse of teeny students covers most of two sides along with a long student that joins the elestial termination. Parts of her are very clear and she has a wondrous hand-feel … and with loads of subtle record keepers and glyphs on her faces … and on one face, a veritable plethora of the teeniest trigonic record keepers you ever saw! She is a stunning and unusual Spirit, anxious to meet her true Keeper and I guarantee that she will take your breath away! There is one small ding (healed) at the base of one of the upper terminal faces but nothing detracting from her beauty or message!

Interestingly, most citrine starts life as an amethyst … citrine comes from the natural heating process within the Earth that changes the valance on her iron inclusions and shifts her color from violet to gold. This is a special kind of vibration and symbolizes the etheric and Spiritual enlightenment as expressed in physical expression. This is a natural shift for all the Spiritual advancement in the world is meaningless unless you can mesh it with the physical world in which we were born. She is a visioning crystal … as soon as you touch her, you will be off together. She has a heady crystalline musk, so anoint her with rainwater to enhance the visioning process and sit in one of your favorite sacred spots. She has a preference for the outside where birdsong creates a symphony of sound and vibration. Choose a side and focus on the glyphs before you. They are messages from times past and ancient wisdom needed today. Beyond this, she would open no further, saving the true message for her One Keeper.

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Shaman’s Vision DT Elestial Slightly-Smoky Citrine Quartz with Lightning Strike

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