#18051 Comely Champagne Citrine Cathedral Lightbrary Quartz
Comely Champagne Citrine Cathedral Lightbrary Quartz
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This is a champagne (champagne because of the lightness … he looks like fine champagne) citrine cathedral lightbrary from Brazil weighing 1.1 oz and measuring 2” by 0.95” by 0.9”. His coloring is light, but he glitters and gleams from the multitude of terminations that cover him all over … and this gives him a refreshing and crisp energy! His sides hold nice Lemurian lines and he is far more clear than the pictures make him look as all his terminations serve to scatter the light. He is a splendid study and is loaded with information for his very special Keeper.

I have read that cathedral lightbraries only appear every 2000 years and if so, they couldn’t be more needed than now! What an informative and energetic Spirit this is! Lightbraries hold earth knowledge from all the ages, hence the name lightbrary. So it makes sense that they arise when we need them most and you can’t deny that times are difficult now … we sure do need their wisdom. You will find this Spirit full of light and love that sparkle in his wisdom. He is meant for a Light Worker in a teaching role who is introducing others to Light work. It is this Keeper who will be able to open his knowledge base and use it with wisdom and purity of intention.

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Comely Champagne Citrine Cathedral Lightbrary Quartz

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