#18063 Magical DT Palest Rose and Smoky Citrine Quartz Fairy Castle
Magical DT Palest Rose and Smoky Citrine Quartz Fairy Castle
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This is such an unusual formation and I was so stuck for a “typical” name that I decided to go with my instincts … this IS a fairy castle from Barros do Salinos, Brazil! She is 12.5 oz and 3.5” by 2.4” by 2.2” and is composed of spire-like terminations at her upper termination and many, many terminations at her lower. There are strands of albite on her surfaces and little balls of pale golden calcite as well. She is a light citrine with smoky secondary growth and a small cluster of palest rose quartz is on one side. Subtle glyphs cover the sides and faces and the pictures show so many of her facets. She is a treasure of fairy surprises that will delight her Keeper!

Fairy castle quartz: how very evocative … and this Spirit is filled with such joy! It brings to mind woodland scenes of green perfection with this crystalline castle sitting in the middle and a beam of sunshine pointing the direction. This Spirit helps us appreciate the beauty and love within all of nature and the importance of manifesting it all in your life. He encourages you to take a walk in the woods, run in the wet sand by the beach, sit at water’s edge at sunset and watch a nest full of baby robins when mom comes home. You see the splendor of it all and integrate into your own psyche. Not only is this grounding, but it makes your Spirit soar! As you study her, you notice that you are pulled into her cloud center, and then spread out from there. There seems to be a wealth of information about the elfin and fairy kingdoms, information from the Land before Time when Spirit Beings were far more common on the Earth. Through the eons, they have gradually taken on more physical form, but their records persist. We catch glimpses of these Beings, even now, but never with the abundance and glory they once had. However, our understanding of them and their important contributions to Earth Energy helps humans now as they deal with the complexities of this age. It helps to put us in touch with a more spiritual time and one where we respected the Earth to a much greater extent. After all, the Earth IS a Life Spirit! Meditation with this Fairy Castle can help renew those old bonds and enhance our own spiritual growth. Don’t you need fairy magic in your life?

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Magical DT Palest Rose and Smoky Citrine Quartz Fairy Castle

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