#18064 Magnificent Rich Golden Jenipapo Citrine with Marvelous Glyphs
Magnificent Rich Golden Jenipapo Citrine with Marvelous Glyphs
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This absolutely fascinating citrine will BLOW you away! She weighs 6.7 oz and measures 3.35" by 2.3" by 1.35" and is a gorgeous, richly golden citrine … with rainbows! Everywhere you look on her, she has wonderful glyphs … many look like tiny keys but there are patterns to them. To her back, there are several keys with golden calcite in them and she has a side and base contact area. Plus, she has a large Isis face! She truly glows with energy, an emissary of the Golden Ray! She is from Jenipapo, Brazil and a handful of glowing golden joy!

Citrine is a stone that neither harbors or radiates negativity. Further, it allows us to see the full nature of abundance in our lives. This special Spirit provides the critical energies her Keeper will need to truly look within themselves, recognize the beauty there and ultimately to express that Self in perfect abundance. For her size, she has a remarkable hand-feel and she is awesome for personal meditation. Anoint her with rainwater to bring out her crystalline musk and allow your meditation to rise with the fragrance. She will take you exploring, and please be patient with these explorations. She enables you to look at aspects of Self, some of which will please you and some that will horrify you. Continue to work with her, again patiently, as she will help you clear all the negativity until you positively radiate with Light and Love. As your meditation completes, you will almost be heady with energy – I cannot describe it better – as if a huge weight has been lifted from you. Working with her on a regular basis will allow you to clarify, enhance and define your Spiritual role in this physical expression. Enjoy!

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Magnificent Rich Golden Jenipapo Citrine with Marvelous Glyphs

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