#18066 Manifestor DT Fire Brandberg Smoky Amethyst Quartz
Manifestor DT Fire Brandberg Smoky Amethyst Quartz
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This is a gorgeous 0.3 oz, 1.65” by 0.45” by 0.4” smoky amethyst DT Brandberg quartz. A few brilliant red lepidocrosite flakes flash inside him and as you examine him, you see the a few tiny manifestors! He is rather a minimalist with blush of amethyst and little “clouds” of smoke. There are Lemurian lines and nice glyphs on his sides and wow, is he ever stunning! A few crystals of albite reside on his sides and there is a small key on one face. One terminal face is obliterated by a key that separated and left a “scar”, now healed with a rainbow under it. And he has a beautiful, albeit small, window! He is part of a AAA collection I acquired some time ago and you will be in love with his very unusual crystalline expression!

The Brandberg quartz is among the oldest in the world and it’s always a surprise to me that it is so crystal clear and sparkling – it belies the true “old soul” nature of the Spirit within. To Eastern belief systems, fire, water, earth and air, if all represented together, showed the perfect balance among physical, emotional and Spiritual aspects. He is born of the earth and yet has the fire of his lepidocrosite. Although there is no visible enhydro, these quartz are known to be water filled (what we call an enhydro is actually an air bubble in water). This Spirit epitomizes that critical balance and brings us totally to who we are as he helps his Keeper understand sense of purpose in this lifetime. He offers a profound message for our lives and helps us understand the precious nature of Now. And once we understand, we can live well in it.

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Manifestor DT Fire Brandberg Smoky Amethyst Quartz

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