#18067 Moonglow Golden Desert Calcite – Transition and Transformation
Moonglow Golden Desert Calcite – Transition and Transformation
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This is from a shipment from one of my favorite suppliers who had acquired an old collection of stones gathered over two decades in various places of the Sahara Desert. I was lucky to obtain a portion of the collection and am in love with the variety and energy of these stones! This is a DT calcite, 1 oz and 1.2” by 1.1” by 1” and is a luminous, moonglow gold like the moon at moonrise. She is mounded and somewhat botryoidal on top and regular calcite terminations on the bottom … sort of resembling a jellyfish! She rests comfortably in your hand, content to contact the palm meridians with her warmth. She is a gentle, but insistent Spirit and ready for a Keeper who is advancing to the next level.

It is interesting that she should appear at this time after the end of 2012 as the Mayan calendar then ends. For some, this was to represent the end of the world and for others, this marked the blooming of the next 26,000-year period as humans transition to a higher level of understanding and Spiritual advancement. I am in the later category, believing that all that is happening now, and on so many levels, is the cleansing that must occur before the transition can take place. It is a time to prepare and to consider the promised transformation. These calcite Spirits were once proud calcite rhombs, then broken and mended by time. Calcite is a Spirit of change, and change she did … with the assistance of sand and wind, she became whole again, clad in moonglow beauty. This awaits us all provided we allow the shaping to occur. She is a powerful talisman in that quest …

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Moonglow Golden Desert Calcite – Transition and Transformation

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