#18070 Out of This World Midnight Rainbow Goethite on Quartz
Out of This World Midnight Rainbow Goethite on Quartz
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This is an absolutely amazing 0.6 oz 1.3” by 1.05” by 0.9” piece of rainbow goethite that has covered the terminations of a small quartz pair. She is a mass of small botryoidal crystals in a surreal arrangement – like an alien landscape! Her colors are as deep as the midnight sky – deepest red, green, violet and gold – you just won’t believe how gorgeous she is but you have to see her in the sunlight to fully appreciate the colors! The green is predominant but try as I might, the photos definitely do not do her justice! She is from Graves County, Georgia.

Goethite is generally black and you think of black crystals as being grounding. Goethite is one of the real surprises as you pick up your first piece and feel yourself almost whisked away! She has a hugely ethereal energy and her rainbow colors are a delight! It’s as if she is to remind us that in spite of how things might see, our lives are brilliantly colored and varied. We have to permit our Selves to climb out of those deep ruts and enjoy what we have in all aspects. She is wonderful, partnered with Herkimer diamonds in a crystal layout where her ethereal energies can remove HUGE blocks from the aura. She is a little fragile to carry in a pocket, but she can work well in a crystal layout. But, above all, use her carefully; her cleansing abilities can leave a person astoundingly open and susceptible. Limit working with her, gradually increasing the time and frequency until you adjust to the high energy levels. She is then a wonderful catalyst for change and Spiritual advancement.

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Out of This World Midnight Rainbow Goethite on Quartz

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