#18091 All Natural, Highly Energetic, Knobby Natural, Pyrite "Dragon Egg"
All Natural, Highly Energetic, Knobby Natural, Pyrite Dragon Egg
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This is an all natural 4.2 oz pyrite egg (that looks for the world like a kind of knobby dragon egg … not that I’ve ever seen one, but if I had, this is what it would look like!) from Guangdong, China, 1.8” by 1.3” by 1.4”. He is totally delightful … and he feels just marvelous in the hand where he can send prickles of energy up your arm! He is a good size for crystal healing, Reiki treatments grids or personal meditation … and has a delightfully solid presence.

Pyrite is marvelous for setting up a protective shield, successfully creating a "dome of light" where no negativity can enter. Use as part of a grid around the patient during the healing session to protect both patient and Healer. Carry him with you or keep in your car to keep the force field in effect all day long! I love that he is naturally egg-shaped as when you hold him in your hand, the shield just extends all around you and there you are, in the center of a protective cloud! Now, who doesn’t need that?

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All Natural, Highly Energetic, Knobby Natural, Pyrite “Dragon Egg”

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