#18171 Rare, AAA Intense Deepest Golden DT Heliodor
Rare, AAA Intense Deepest Golden DT Heliodor
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This is a wonderful fully terminated, rare, AAA 3.8 oz, 1.7” by 1.9” by 1.7” rare DT heliodor crystal. Heliodor is a yellow beryl that ranges from golden to yellow-green, so tinted because of iron impurities. He is very deep golden (the deepest I’ve seen!) and gemmy and has the most amazing glyphs on his terminations and sides. His sides are striated and both terminations are multi-terminated and this size is extremely rare in this quality. He is from Brazil and is like holding a sunbeam in your hand … gorgeous, intense and totally magnificent!

Heliodor is a word from the Greek meaning ‘gift of the sun’ and truly, what a joy this Spirit is! He is bright and sunny and difficult to put down once you pick him up. Beryl in every manifestation (from emerald to aquamarine to morganite to heliodor) is a communicator. This Spirit stimulates you to see things in new ways – to open your Self up to other possibilities, other realities, other perspectives. He helps you stimulate your own creativity and in doing so, you uniquely express your Self in new ways and allow others to speak to you. His ancient etchings provide an important link to times long past – ceremonies, rites and rituals. He is a link to the past that we need to know so as to prepare for the future.

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Rare, AAA Intense Deepest Golden DT Heliodor

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