#18237 Unique Green Uvite on Quartz, Magnesite
Unique Green Uvite on Quartz, Magnesite
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This crystalline Spirit, although appearing rather humble-looking at first, is actually a glittering and sparkling study in greens, sparkles and contrast. She begins as a piece of strangely terminated quartz (and well-glyphed I might add …) and then is accented with a mound of magnesite druse and these glorious emerald green uvite crystals. Uvite is a rare form of tourmaline and has a most unique color; the crystals are about 0.25”. This 10.8 oz, 4.2” by 3” by 1.6” beauty comes from Brazil and I guarantee she will blow you away!

This is a wonderful Spirit with brilliant energy! She absolutely radiates energy well in excess of her small size! She is perfect for placing on the body during a crystal healing or Reiki treatment, preferably over the Solar Plexus. You’ll find her joyous, exuberant vibrations not only clear the Gateway between the Physical and Emotional Chakras, but she stimulates the Heart as well. If you think about things and decisions each of us makes, the head often gets in the way and runs counter to what we feel in our hearts. After we make the decision, we feel uneasy and uncomfortable about it even though it was the logical thing to do. She helps you understand the role of the heart and the importance of expressing what you feel there in a centered, focused and realistic way. It is only with the heart that one truly ‘sees’. When we put into action what the heart knows, the decisions are easier and comfortable.

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Unique Green Uvite on Quartz, Magnesite

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