#18268 Lightbrary Tessin Smoky Quartz Cluster with Bouquet of Dolomite
Lightbrary Tessin Smoky Quartz Cluster with Bouquet of Dolomite
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This is a beautiful smoky cluster of lightbrary tessin quartz from Kosovo, weighing 3.4 oz and measuring 3.65” by 1.55” by 1.15”. She is a nice “milky” lightbrary cluster of wands joined at the base with Lemurian lines and tiny faces typical of tessin. Also near the base is a “bouquet” of dolomite … it kind of creates the illusion of holding the cluster together … like a bow around a cluster of flowers. To the back of the cluster, the wands are partially covered with golden healer stained druse that gives them a sort of rough feel as opposed to the smoothness of the other side. Save for a few teeny dings, she is quite pristine and very energetic!

Tessin habit crystals are wonderful for unlocking things. Often, it is the energies of other crystals and other times, it is things that you keep deep inside, there but hidden. Now, when we keep things in that should be expressed, often we will find that our energy “leaks” – we are so concerned that others don’t see of discover our secrets, that we often let on more than we choose to, but in different areas. As a result, we feel drained and tired. Her smoky aspect is protective and comforting; her lightbraries adjust energy levels to precisely where you want them. Now, this is not an easy process and will take much meditation before you trust that this knowledge can be released, but released it must be in order for you to begin healing what caused you to “stuff” it in the first place. I guarantee you will feel lighter than you have ever felt!

To work with her, gently sprinkle her with rainwater to release her more fragrant crystalline musk. Play some wonderful and heart-nurturing music like Pachabel’s Canon in D. The music will literally guide the vibrations and set the stage for the work ahead. Breathe as if every breath were coming through her, gathering energy as it passes through those magnificent tessin terminations and through the infrastructure of the dolomite. Each breath will make your burden lighter and each exhale will release more of that dark cloud into the Universe for transmutation.

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Lightbrary Tessin Smoky Quartz Cluster with Bouquet of Dolomite

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