#18297 Crossed Green and Peach Chlorite Phantom Quartz - Magnificent Healer
Crossed Green and Peach Chlorite Phantom Quartz - Magnificent Healer
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This is an 8.3 oz, 4.4” by 1.8” by 1.5” lightly-chlorite-included crossed quartz from Brazil, but the chlorite is in the form of a peachy-russet phantom, accented with a bit of green, held in the back of her terminations. There are two main points with the larger of the two being twinned and holding two small students while the smaller has a druse of tiny students on one side. In the case of both large points, the phantomed side is also somewhat chlorite-eroded and highlighted with the peachy-russet. The keys reveal how clear she really is and that clarity exposes a wondrous inner landscape. Very gentle Lemurian lines highlight the non-eroded areas of the sides and there are a few subtle glyphs and keys. Interestingly, her sides and faces are just a bit matte giving her an opalescent look and they are also remarkably smooth but not polished in the least! You won’t be able to keep your hands off her! She is in excellent condition and is a skilled healer who wishes to lend these energies to her very special Keeper.

This is a very protective Spirit, helping her Keeper face what is stored within – and to bring the fears, hurts, blockages and negative energy to the surface without fear. We store our pain, not wanting to face it. The pain is in the past and by keeping it inside, we allow it to fester. This Spirit provides a protective energy sphere to surround us with love, confidence and support so that we can successfully view what is hidden, examine it for what it truly is, and then release it. She shows you that you can heal from anything, no matter how bad, as long as you are willing. Use her with rose quartz and work with her often to address issues before they manifest as physical illness.

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Crossed Green and Peach Chlorite Phantom Quartz - Magnificent Healer

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