#19300 Deep Golden-Green DT Apatite Crystal - Storyteller
Deep Golden-Green DT Apatite Crystal - Storyteller
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This is a wonderful, petite DT apatite crystal, 13.5 grams and 1.1" by 0.9" by 0.5" from Medina, Brazil. The color is a deep, deep green with golden highlights and she has a very old-soul look to her. Her main termination is flattened with several small students gathered at her base termination … she has the look of a Southwestern storyteller. You’ll also see minute glyphs and a single golden blade of mica! Examine her with a loupe to see all of her intricacies – as if she were built layer upon layer – you will absolutely marvel at her! She is in excellent condition.

Apatite is a stone of friendship. Because its energy is between the heart and the Solar Plexus, it helps us open our hearts to people. She is a wonderful stone for someone working with larges groups of people, particularly if the stress level has the potential for being high. I love the storyteller image here as she seems to function best in a large group where her magic is revealed. The storyteller holds all in rapt attention and lovingly imparts wisdom, legend, history and lessons to her students. She is also wonderful for laying on the body during a crystal healing or Reiki treatment when dealing with a patient who has difficulty relating to others, making friends or developing meaningful relationships.

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Deep Golden-Green DT Apatite Crystal - Storyteller

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