#18318 Magnificent Peach Stilbite Cluster for Altar
Magnificent Peach Stilbite Cluster for Altar
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This is a simply gorgeous, gleaming altar-sizes cluster of large peach-colored stilbite crystals from India, 5 lb 6 oz and 7.5” by 7.8” by 5”. She is beautifully terminated and sits on a celadonite-stained sandy-like matrix that is topped and interspersed with small crystals of apophyllite. She is slightly curved like a dish with the glorious stilbite crystals rising like flowers from the curve! I guarantee that you will gasp when you unwrap her – she is that gorgeous and that loving!

This Spirit radiates a loving energy, similar to the way a bouquet of flowers seems to fill a room! She is a muse and stirs the creative juices, allowing expression to the passion you feel in your heart and would be a magnificent central piece for your love and/or creativity altars. She is a must-have for artists, writers or anyone working in the creative fields – plus she is such a joy to have around! She is outstanding for giving the heart and the heart’s creativity and passion a voice …

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Magnificent Peach Stilbite Cluster for Altar

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