#18322 Outstanding, Rare Pocket Kundalini Quartz Pair
Outstanding, Rare Pocket Kundalini Quartz Pair
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This is a rare and outstanding pair of Kundalini quartz clusters from the Congo (formerly Zaire) weighing a total of 1.2 oz and each measuring ~1.2”. Both clusters feature small points, each with a gorgeous phantom of sparkly specular hematite mixed with dark red hematite, all atop a piece of African white quartzite matrix. And with a loupe, you’ll see that a few are actually a quartz termination INSIDE with the clear quartz overlay making them potent manifestors! These are Spirits who need closer inspection with a loupe – you won’t want to miss a thing and oh, the discoveries! OK, they are a bit big for pocket but then, if you’re anything like me, you have big pockets just to accommodate wonderful Spirits like these!

To those who regularly perform yoga, the Kundalini-rising is a highly sought-after state that results from the spiral movement of energy through the Chakras, beginning at (or arising from) the Base Chakra. When done well and wisely, all the Chakras are raised to an elevated energy level, leading to a much more Spiritually-centered Self. Kundalini quartz was given that name because of its primal activation and that the first deposits was discovered where it is said that men separated from apes on the evolutionary ladder. These special Spirits are about growth, change and total Chakra activation. They are incredibly powerful, yet fiercely protective, preserving the essence of Self while assisting their Keeper in reaching for the next levels of Spiritual evolution. They raise your consciousness and your awareness and heightens your intuition and sensing, inducing profound healing on many levels and allowing you to open the door to true wisdom and power. What I feel is that they are guides for her Keeper, initiating the kind of change that is necessary for this Spiritual development. It won’t be easy and it certainly won’t be slow – literally, you will have to hang onto your hat as you are in for the experience of a lifetime! Ask them to be gentle and work with rose quartz initially to soften the pace. What a world awaits you!

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Outstanding, Rare Pocket Kundalini Quartz Pair

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