#18336 Vibrant Geode-Like Cluster of Russet Wulfenite with Calcite
Vibrant Geode-Like Cluster of Russet Wulfenite with Calcite
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This is a large Mexican cluster of wulfenite, 7.4 oz and 2.7” by 2.5” by 1.4” that appears to be lining the interior of a geode … rather a section of a geode. This may indeed be a geode, but I rather think not. Interspersed with the wulfenite are a few bands of botryoidal calcite and more lines the outside of the “geode”, giving the impression of a strange, alien landscape. He is a positively vibrant shade of russet-orange with his many gleaming and radiant crystals and a few bright gold ones on the other side. With a loupe, you’ll see glyphs on the little crystal faces. Little flashes of gold complete his character and he is a most awesome Spirit with wondrous energies!

It’s interesting the crystals that some into your life when you need them – and this one is no exception. I found him a very satisfying link with the present – as if you needed to be drawn in and reconnected. With SO much going on all around us, we tend to only focus on the ethereal and the mental issues, leaving the important connection to physical expression to fend for itself. As I slipped this guy into my hands, I could sense those important linkages reestablishing and the various aspects of physical expression began to make more sense – how and why we each are where we are, exhibiting the physical traits that we are and how this all fits in – together – as a Self. Like the petroglyphs on the sides, these are message charts that assist us with the all-important understanding of how ALL of our Chakras are linked and how the outward expression assists in the total interpretation of who we are. He is an important cluster, particularly useful for grids and particularly good for those persons seeking their roles in this Lifetime.

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Vibrant Geode-Like Cluster of Russet Wulfenite with Calcite

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