#18337 Vivid, Lushly-Colored Large Creedite Starburst Spherical Cluster
Vivid, Lushly-Colored Large Creedite Starburst Spherical Cluster
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This is an amazing and radiating 3.3 oz sort of spherical cluster of shades of clear and russet creedite crystals from Mexico, 1.9” by 1.9” by 1.6”. Now, you’ll need a loupe to fully appreciate how gorgeous she is … and her colors are almost eye-popping! She is somewhat lobed and has a very small attachment area that sparkles. She glitters and shines as you rotate her in the light, radiating her magnificent energy as she ‘moves’. She is simply stunning and the energy she radiates is magnificent! This is positively the last one I have of these rare and incredible clusters!

Creedite is a wonderful crystalline energy – kind of a premier Third Eye Spirit. You can easily place her on the Third Eye (use care so that she doesn’t roll off) and allow her work her magic. I’ve found that many times, it’s difficult to pull the message out of a meditation since it’s frequently cloaked in images and unfamiliar presentations. She can help bring clarity and focus to those messages while providing almost an attractive force for more – like an antenna. Use her also in grids to magnify the energies of the other crystals and assist with the unique messages they bring as well. If there was one new and different stone to try, she is the one!

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Vivid, Lushly-Colored Large Creedite Starburst Spherical Cluster

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