#18400 Fiery, Egg-Shaped, Polished Lepidocrosite (Fire) Quartz
Fiery, Egg-Shaped, Polished Lepidocrosite (Fire) Quartz
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This polished elongated, egg-shaped piece of polished fire quartz from Madagascar, 1.6 oz and 1.6” by 1.05” by 1”. The polish is quite nice and reveals an array of beautiful red lepidocrosite against “lined” misty areas … rather like a 4th of July fireworks display. Inner foils add to the light effects and she is a wonderful, spectacular Spirit!

Lepidocrosite in quartz is also called fire quartz. Fire quartz has such wonderful energies! It is grounding, yet uplifting; calming yet energizing; thoughtful yet creative … like a singing bird in the morning, celebrating the sun’s first rays and finding the joy in each new day! This is wonderful piece to place over the Solar Plexus to stimulate energy, creativity and renewal! This is a very nice piece for pocket, medicine pouch or laying on the body for crystal healing. She is a wondrous joy!

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Fiery, Egg-Shaped, Polished Lepidocrosite (Fire) Quartz

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