#18403 Glorious Red-Pink and Golden Healer Spinel Cluster from Burma
Glorious Red-Pink and Golden Healer Spinel Cluster from Burma
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This is a 2.3 oz, red-pink irregularly-shaped, old-stock spinel cluster from Burma, 2.6” by 1.5” by 1” … and clusters this size are uncommon! There are several large glossy and glyphed crystals of spinel with flashes of hot pink, gemmy highlights and a touch of golden healer staining. She is totally fascinating with these large crystals sitting on top of a sparkling mass of tiny spinels … like a spinel matrix! And she even has some nice glyphs! No matter what, you are going to have a blast with a loupe, investigating her incredible beauty!

I had never worked with spinel before and I was surprised to see the color variation within this lot. This one appealed because she just seemed to blend the vibrations of the heart with that of the Primal Chakra. Now, on a deeper level, it was a rather strange sensation – as if she added compassion, empathy, tenderness and dozens of other similar qualities to that of the core Self. We so spend a lot of time looking for our Self and sometimes, we are disappointed in what we find – the Self isn’t what we expected, isn’t a super-star, isn’t wonderful, etc. So we put our Self down and discount that glorious expression. This Spirit reminds you that as many of these wonderful qualities that we extend to others, we must also extend them to our Self … allow our Self expression, companion, empathy and all the others. Like rose quartz, she works with Self love, but unlike rose quartz, she adds the element of integration into what we find. She is a sweet companion and a wonderful Spirit to keep close at hand!

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Glorious Red-Pink and Golden Healer Spinel Cluster from Burma

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