#18404 Golden-Toned Smoky Quartz with Manifestors, Hairy Tourmaline
Golden-Toned Smoky Quartz with Manifestors, Hairy Tourmaline
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This is a 2.2 oz Brazilian 3.4” by 1” by 0.8” golden-toned light smoky, opalescent quartz with some clarity that is easier to see in person! Inside, he has numerous wands of black tourmaline, some of which penetrate to the surface, including several that caused growth interference near the termination … and left a ding when they separated from the quartz. Look closely with a loupe and you’ll see that most of the tourmaline needles are “furry” … there are strange deposits on the rods and he has a fascinating landscape inside as well as a number of quartz manifestors, most small … and one mica plate! There are small keys on his sides from former students and a few penetrators as well. Now, you don't need a loupe to see any of these, but pull out your loupe to totally savor his intricacy! There are additional keys on his faces as well as more mica. Photos totally do not do him justice, although I tried – smokies are notoriously hard to photograph. There are some small dings and his students, keys and growth interference all make him look rugged, but he boasts a handsome ruggedness through it all and vibrant energy for the Keeper who will give him a chance.

When I first picked up this Spirit, I just had to smile – he is amazingly handsome, in spite of his wounds, and all those inclusions just light him up! Tourmaline is normally protective and yet, in this Spirit, it feels very different – as if trying to make us not take our Selves so seriously. He helps us stop to smell the roses (or in his case, stop to admire the crystals) and enjoy life – rejoicing in all the miracles we see around us on a daily basis. By the way, we do have daily miracles – little ones – like a new baby, the first flower of spring, three green lights in a row … each adds light and love to our lives if we allow it. Working with this Spirit will help restore your sense of joy in All that we are … and helps you manifest those daily miracles in your life!

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Golden-Toned Smoky Quartz with Manifestors, Hairy Tourmaline

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